Breathable Bassinet Mattress

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Numu is a revolutionary baby mattress made of a single mesh layer.

It is safer, friendlier, and contributes to a better sleep for both bub and mum.

Our unique design eliminates dust mites and increases airflow, which prevents accumulation of CO2 and overheating.

Sensitive Choice, with their strict health standards, chose Numu as a partner mattress making it the best and safest mattres. . . Show More >


Free flow of air, which lets your baby breathe, whatever their position.

Prevents accumulation of CO2 , which is one of the most important factors when it comes to your baby's ability to breathe the oxygen levels necessary for their well-being.

Prevents reflux asphyxia , when regurgitated food and mucus penetrate the mattress surface, exiting through the screen, preventing the baby from taking a secondary aspiration of them.

Makes breathing easier in case of respiratory illness.

Prevents overheating , helping the baby not to sweat and to sleep at a temperature considered healthy (between 18 and 22 degrees).

  Helps to prevent the accumulation and survival of mites helping to keep your baby's sleeping surface clean, ideal for babies suffering from asthma and allergic rhinitis .

Antiallergic , good for babies with sensitive skin or suffering from allergic dermatitis.

Easy to clean and quick drying , through the Air Nettress screen..

- The mattress includes a Confort Layer. This extra layer helps to increase your baby's comfort and does not take away any of the characteristics of the Numu mattress.


The Mattress is made of an aluminum structure and a special, very thin polyester net.

All materials used are recycled for a smaller ecological footprint.

Care Instructions



- Wash - as required, take the mattress (without the comfort layer) and clean under running water.

- Air dry or wipe using a dry cloth until fully dry. 

- Wipe - as required, use a wet wipe or cloth to clean a specific area of the mesh/net surface (very useful during middle of the night incidents)

General care- use a wet wipe or cloth to wipe mattress thoroughly every two weeks (or as required).

Comfort Layer:

- Warm machine wash, do not bleach

- Do not tumble dry - air dries quickly

Sheet (100% cotton):

- Cold machine wash (with like colours), do not bleach.

- Do not tumble dry, dry in shade 

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Find your size

All measurements are for the mattress without the comfort layer , the comfort layer adds 0.3-0.7 cm to each side (compressible) . You get 1 comfort layer for free with your Numu but the mattress can can be used with or without the comfort layer.

We created a size table to help you find the perfect cot click the button to see cot options.

We can do custom sizes (as long as its a rectangular shape and not longer than 140 cm), reach out to find out more

A Breathable Baby Mattress

If your baby turns over on their stomach, they'll have the space to breathe. Research has found the Numu mattress to help remove co2 emissions and reduce other known risk factors - read here our SIDS safe blog.

Our unique design means there isn’t anywhere for dust mites to live or for dust to accumulate on the mattress. This is especially handy for babies who are prone to allergies, asthma, and eczema. The Numu is even backed by the National Asthma Council of Australia!

The single mesh layer stays cool, even during hot Australian summers. Your baby will sleep sweat-free through the balmy nights, which means more sleep for you too!

Baby is laying on Numu cot mattress


*Delivery is usually within 14 days of order placement (free shipping), with some Cot variants faster shipping in Australia can be available (130x69 standard size, 132x70, 131x75). * During COVID19 we see delays both inside Australia and in international supply lines. please allow for longer delivery times.
*Tracking via Australia Post or Shippit (range of couriers)
*International deliveries outside Australia are also available - reach-out if any questions
*While we are still seeing some delays these days, we are seeing fewer of them. Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery time frames for items not stocked in Melbourne.
*In order to protect Numu on it's way to it's new home, we are shipping it flat pack for self assembly. read here on how to assemble your Numu within 25 minutes. *if your Numu is required urgently, please let us know so we can see if we can expedite your delivery

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It’s the safe option as it allows for two-way breathingthrough the mattress and helps reduce risks while your baby is sleeping. It allows for the evacuation of CO2while your child sleeps, as well as helps to prevent the growth of mould and dust miteswhich cause allergies and respiratory issues.