About Us

It all started with two premature babies...

In early 2001, our premature twins came into the world. A boy and a girl, and after three tumultuous months of hospital care, we were finally home. Happy on the one hand, but worried and anxious on the other. Our most precious treasures were now in a safe place. Would be?

Our boys needed proper care, so we started reading lots of articles about premature babies and consulting lots of experts on this subject. Over time we came across some complicated situations that made us understand that we needed a different mattress solution than the one we had.

On a winter's day, when we put our little girl to bed with a nylon liquid protector between the mattress and the sheet and then the blanket on top, we noticed that in the morning she often woke up with no desire to eat and was quite apathetic. We went to our pediatrician for an evaluation, and he told us that we were creating a greenhouse effect on his bed with that combination of nylon and blanket, causing his body to overheat for many hours at a time.

Our son, who had been diagnosed with developmental delay in his early stage, doctors recommended that he spend as much time as possible lying on his stomach under our supervision.

One night, he learned to fend for himself and ended up having serious breathing difficulties, with his face in a puddle of mucus. Watching this episode we were so worried that we decided to find a different mattress solution for our children.

That's how the Numu Mattress was born.

The truly breathable mattress.

Shlomo Abadi