The Numu mattress was tested against and meets the voluntary Australian safety standard [AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 Methods of testing infant products- Sleep surfaces—Test for firmness]

Not only is Numu orthopedic and complies with the Australian sleeping surface firmness standards, Numu also was tested by Orthopedics and physiotherapists and was found to promote motor development.

In research performed on various "breathable" mattresses, Numu was found to be the only mattress that was able to maintain a carbon dioxide clearance level of below 1.2% which is the maximal environmental level recommended by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

The superior airflow of the Numu mattress and its unique design also prevents overheating, fluid accumulation, and makes it easier to clean (see our home page for detailed list of benefits of the Numu mattress)

Some key advantages and different points can be seen in our comparison table: /blogs/breathable-baby-mattress/an-inside-look-into-a-baby-innerspring-mattress-and-why-numu-is-different

The Numu mattress comes with a comfort layer that can be used as the sleeping surface. In addition, the mesh/net surface can also be used as a sleep surface without the comfort layer. Using either option maintains the unique features of the Numu mattress.

With Numu, the temperature that the baby feels from below will be the same as it feels from above (from the air in the room). As long as your baby is appropriately dressed and the room is kept at the recommended temperature (approximately 18°-22°C), your baby will not feel cold and would also feel much better on hot summer nights.

Numu was tested to meet the Australian sleeping surface firmness standard. The mesh surface is stretched over the frame, thus giving the mattress unique orthopaedic qualities and can support up to 400 kg without tearing.

The tension is maintained for a long period of time and is recommended for infants weighing up to 25 kg, whether they are laying or standing.

The net is manufactured to endure a tear, even while bearing a 100 kg weight on it without further expansion.

If an accidental tear occurs, contact us to consult about further use of the mattress.

Yes, you can use the Numu mattress with most pad-based breathing monitors. You will need to purchase the monitor adaptor accessory for each pad you intend to use. Please refer to the graphic on the proper use of the monitor adaptor on the accessory product page.

Yes! The Numu mattress does not have any volume in which allergens can accumulate.

In Australia, Numu was identified and approved by The National Asthma Council Australia as a Sensitive Choice product that is a recommended option for children with allergies or asthma.

The Numu mattress can fit any rectangular-shaped cot or bassinet bed.

We encourage you to reach out and enquire with us about any type of cot bed or special-size mattress you have in mind.
Having said that, we are happy to offer a list with some options of a widely available cot and bassinet beds that can be found in the largest retail stores and can be used with the Numu mattress (in brackets the specific Numu variant size):

Cot beds:
Childcare - Cambridge cot (130x69), Tasmaneco - Palermo cot (130x69), Boori - Alice cot barely (132x70),

Bassinet beds:
Boori Tidy (80x40), Boori Barley (80x40), Tasmaneco Amore (80x40), Tasmaneco rascali (80x40), Tasmaneco urban venice (79x40),

4baby co-sleeper (87x48)

If the Numu mattress is set properly, a child (under 25 kg) doesn’t run any risk of hurting a part of their body with the middle bar. The net is designed for 400kg tear and 25kg orthopedic

The Numu mattress should be cleaned as often as required. Mostly the mattress will require cleaning after your baby has had an incident during their sleep.
All that is required is using a wet wipe over the area requiring cleaning or washing the mattress with a shower heador garden hose for a more comprehensive clean.

The mattress will very quickly air-dry but a hair dryer can be used when needed.When cleaned, Numu will remain as new even after years of use.

Numu can maintain its qualities for a much longer time than other mattresses which means you will not need to buy a new mattress for each child.
Dust mites, bacteria, and other nasties can't survive in the Numu mattress so no hygienic concerns at all too.

If you compare a regular foam or innerspring mattress that will cost you 100-150 AUD and consider you need a new one for every child, long term the financials are similar with Numu. But these are not apples to apples, Numu offers a much safer sleep environment all around.

- Numu mesh/net sleeping surface and the comfort layer are made of unique polyester.
- The comfort layer is OEKO-TEX certified.
- Our sheets are made of 100% cotton.
- Our frame is made of aluminum.
No chemicals are used in the mattress

Yes! Your Numu mattress does require some basic assembly with everything you need supplied in the box. Initial setup takes about 20 minutes with detailed instructions at your fingertips. Our helpline is available during business hours should you need it.