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Motherhood Melbourne review:

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Our daughter loves sleeping on her Numu mattress and the quality of her sleep has improved since moving her to her cot. It allows circulation of air around the bed like nothing else we’ve seen on the market today. The mesh is great and keeps her from overheating, which is perfect for the hot Australian climate. The customer service was excellent and the team at Numu were very responsive and lovely to deal with. We definitely have no regrets in purchasing the Numu for our little girl.”

​ ​ - Emma NSW, November 2019


Achinoam of Isle of Man, UK, shared in an email
"Thank you Numu
As a first time mother living far away from my family I was worried about the many
firsts my husband and I were about to encounter with the birth of our son. As a result I read all books that I was recommended and asked all mothers I knew for any advice they could give me.
One of those mothers told me about the Numu and the pluses she found in it as -
easing her daughter's reflux, keeping the Numu clean from dust that usually stays
on regular mattresses and enabling her children to sleep on their tummies. I was
intrigued and looked it up on the internet.
After looking it up the Numu seemed to me like a simple but ingenious invention
that I thought would help my son and I sleep better at night. Hence, I decided to
purchase it.
And the decision so far is proving to be correct.
* Ever since our son was a month old he has had a congested nose. The Numu has two "legs" that enable to elevate the mattress so that our son can sleep at an angle that helps him breathe more easily during the night.
* As per recommendations we received from midwives we put our son to sleep on his back in order to reduce the risk of SIDs. Our son, however, at about the age of six months decided that rolling over during the night and sleeping on his tummy is more comfortable. The fact that he can breath through the Numu enables me to sleep more soundly during the night.
Wanted to thank you for the invention and to wish parents a safe and sound sleep
with their babies safely sleeping on the Numu:)
Laura of Los Angeles, California, shared in an email

"I found out about the Numu when searching on the internet for mattress options for our baby's crib. I have to admit that as a first time parent I tend to worry a lot. In the beginning, I was particularly concerned about SIDS and found myself researching everything about how to prevent it. I followed all the instructions and put our baby to sleep on her back. But after a couple of months, she began to roll over and it seemed obvious she wanted to sleep with her face right into the mattress. I was so worried that she wasn't getting enough air. Getting the Numu made me sleep easier at night -- knowing that she can breathe through the mattress when she rolls over is a huge relief. 

The Numu also solved some additional concerns -- it's totally allergen free, and easy to clean, making it easy to create a dust free environment in our baby's room. The legs that allow the mattress to be put on an angle are incredibly helpful - for both reflux and occasional colds. 

When I first read about the Numu, I thought it would be perfect for us. But soon I found out that the standard size wouldn't fit our non-standard crib. I searched for other options, but nothing seemed to be as good. I asked my husband to call and see if we might be able to special order one. After three phone calls to Numu, we convinced him to make us one that would fit our crib. I am so incredibly grateful to him for making this extra effort for us -- and also so thankful that he invented such a great product.