Resolving Baby Night Sweating with the Right Cot Mattress

As parents, we were concerned about our 6-month old baby, Noam, experiencing disrupted sleep and excessive sweating at night. We embarked on a journey to identify the cause of her discomfort and find a suitable solution.


    • The Dilemma:

      • Noam's night sweats puzzled us, as we maintained a comfortable room temperature and used an air conditioner in our shared bedroom.
      • We wondered if her constant movement was causing the sweating or if she was seeking cooler spots.


    • Seeking Answers:

      • Frustrated by our inability to reach a definitive conclusion, we decided to seek advice.
      • We reached out to the Mother & Baby Center, hoping for some guidance but were met with the same recommendations we had already tried.
      • Putting Noam on her back was suggested as a way to reduce sweating, but it didn't address the issue at hand.


    • Examining the Mattress:

      • We then turned our attention to the mattress as a possible source of the problem.
      • Despite having purchased a "breathing" mattress that was supposedly of high quality, we began to question its effectiveness.
      • We contacted the company for more information and discovered some crucial insights.


    • The Doctor's Perspective:

      • Unsatisfied with the advice we received, we decided to consult a doctor.
      • During our visit, we discussed Noam's sweating issue along with our concerns about the mattress.



    In our search for a solution to Noam's night sweats, we discovered the importance of choosing the right cot mattress. Our journey led us to a net cot mattress called Numu, which proved to be a game-changer. Designed to address respiratory problems, overheating, and allergies, it provided unexpected benefits like being flame retardant-free and preventing excessive sweating in the summer.

    We share this experience with you in the hopes that all mothers become aware of the available solutions for baby sweating at night. With the right mattress, we have achieved peaceful and dry nights for Noam, and we believe other parents can do the same.